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Tipps and Tricks

CapiFax – Fax-Server for networks

CapiCall – voice system, answering machine

NetMail – Mail server and client for networks 

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Other subjects

FAQ – Common questions about products of Shamrock

Fax server – What is it actually?

Spam – infos about handling spam

SkyFile Mail – Email worldwide on the sea and on the land, no matter where.

DFÜ-Lexikon– an online book by Herwig Feichtinger, Shamrock Software GmbH

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PrimuX ISDN and VoIP

PrimuX ISDN – Tips, questions and answers

PrimuX VoIP-CAPI – VoIP interface for CAPI Software



CapiFax – Faxserver, Mail-to-Fax, Fax-To-Mail, PDF

CapiCall – Answering machine, voice system

NetMail-manuals: Server Client SMTP-Server

CapiDog – ISDN D channel trace

ShamCom – terminal emulation

AppDog – application control

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