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All entered data is sent and received by SSL-/HTTPS-Protokoll. Your data is processed and stored according our security anddata protection guidelines.

By ordering a program you accept that software is copyright protected by national laws and international regulations. Please see the software manual for details. Private consumers in Europe canreturnpurchased hardware for 14 days. If your company has a European VAT ID, please do not forget to write it into the appropriate field.

We deliver software by e-mail and hardware by the DHL parcel service to any country. The invoice or payment receipt is sent as a PDF attachment. When you replace a demo version by the full version of a program, it is not required to uninstall the demo first; all configuration settings and log files will be kept. The same is true when updating or upgrading a software.

For an overview, here is a price listand here is an excerpt from the list of our cooperation partners. They can also help you on site with commissioning.

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