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Shamrock Software, located in Bavaria/Germany and founded in 1986, is specialized in data, fax and voice communications over ISDN and TCP/IP. We develop standard and custom-designed software for fax, voicemail, e-mail and more. All programs below are compatible with all 32 and 64-bit Windows versions like XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2008, 2012.

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CapiFax: network fax server

ISDN fax server: CapiFax

CapiFax is a complete fax solution for a local network. Workstations or terminal-server clients can view received faxes and use a printer driver to send faxes from any application. Client accounts with different fax numbers possible, also allows mailings, fax polling and fax to e-mail (TIF or PDF). Versions for up to 8 or 60 channels available. For CAPI 2.0 compatible ISDN boards with fax T.30 support, or for fax gateway providers.
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CapiCall: Voice mailbox

ISDN voice mailbox: CapiCall

Voice mailbox software for up to 40,000 users. High-performance, low-cost Audiotext system with information menus (IVR = interactive voice response, DTMF controlled), call transfer to any telephone number, automated outbound calls, file-based API for system integration. Versions for up to 2, 8, 60 simultaneous calls. For CAPI-compatible ISDN cards (Bi/Quad-T0 and PRI ISDN cards also on stock) or VoIP CAPI drivers.
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1 S2M ISDN card

ISDN cards for S0 and S2M lines

Shamrock offers a variety of multi-channel PCI ISDN cards, manufactured in Germany. Each card features an on-board signal processor, reducing the PC CPU load and offering first-class performance. With built-in voice switching, DTMF decoding and fax functions they are ideally suited for the above applications. Multiple cards can be combined in one PC, e.g. two 4S0 boards. Comes with CAPI 2.0 driver for 32 and 64 bit Windows.
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NetMail - the e-mail system for your network

E-mail server, SMS gateway: NetMail

In a local-area network, NetMail offers groupware functions like e-mail, SMS, dates, pinboard and instant messaging. Since all mails are stored on the server, they can be accessed from anywhere in the network. Additionally, a webmail interface is included. The free Light version allows up to 3 users, the unrestricted XL version also includes an SMS gateway for SMS to mail and mail to SMS, using a GSM modem over a serial port.
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