Audiotex system
Announcement service, voice menu, chat, forums, alerting

Answering machine
Day- and time-dependent, listening via PC/telephone

Voice mailbox
with notification by SMS, mail or call

Queue, menu, text before reporting

Voice to Mail
Voicemail forwarding as WAV file attachment

Caller display
Number and name also on network workstations

Saves fees
Make cheap calls on the move with callback/call-through

CapiCall features

CapiCall runs under Windows (32 or 64 bit) with an ISDN adapter at the exchange connection or at a PBX.

On an IP connection, a DSL router with an internal S0 port (e.g. AVM Fritz!Box 7490, Telekom Speedport 921V) can be used to connect the ISDN adapter. Or you use the VOIP-CAPI for dirtect SIP support.

The extension from an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to a unified messaging system is also possible with NetMail and CapiFax. Complex voice menu systems are easy with CapiCall: Starting with an initial greeting, key functions are defined for the telephone.

Convince yourself of the excellent voice quality and test the demo version!

The CapiCall Manual

  • Answering machine and voice mailbox: Voicemail for up to about 40,000 subscribers, notification of new voice messages via SMS or telephone call, user-programmable alarm function e.g. for hotels. Messages can also be listened to on the PC or forwarded as e-mail via an SMTP server (Unified Messaging).
  • Forwarding: automatically or menu-guided to any internal or external telephone, optionally also depending on the time of day or the caller number, announcement before answering, also possible as a waiting loop. If the destination number cannot be reached (busy or no one picks up), other numbers can be tried automatically.
  • Information announcements: Any voice menu structures, e.g. with special offers, are possible for inbound or outbound connections. Recording can be done via microphone/sound card or telephone. In a freely assignable menu (see illustration on the right), the caller can navigate by touch-tone dialling and obtain information about your offers even outside your office hours.
  • Fax Callback: For this function, CapiCall can be combined with the fax programme CapiFax. The caller types in his or her own fax number on the telephone using the touch-tone keys and receives detailed information on the topics that interest him or her automatically within minutes in black and white as a one-page or multi-page fax.
  • Cheaper mobile calls (call-through): Register your ISDN connection with the GSM network operator as your home number and let CapiCall connect you to the fixed network. This way you benefit from the low home tariff of your mobile network and, if applicable, also from a fixed network flat rate. In particular, calls to special numbers and abroad are much cheaper this way.

Time profiles for maximum flexibility

CapiCall offers the possibility to make information announcements and touch-tone menus depending on the dialled number and the day of the week and time.

Each of your ISDN telephone numbers (MSN) or telephone extensions (DDI) is assigned a time profile that determines how the system should behave on certain weekdays or holidays and at certain times. In addition, the time profile can also be switched at any time by PIN-protected remote control via telephone.

MSN/DDI Time profile Call profile
One of your numbers for which the profile should apply weekdays
Call acceptance?

Versions and prices

CapiCall is available in three versions:

Small Office+Home, supports two simultaneous connections (B channels) and three telephone numbers (MSNs).

for professional use. The count of max called numbers must bee seen together with the capability of your telephon line.

Supports up to 60 simultaneous connections, i.e. two primary multiplex lines.

Please also note the links in the table to inexpensive matching ISDN cards. Of course, other cards are also suitable, as long as they are supplied with drivers for the respective operating system. If ISDN applications are operated in a virtualised environment, however, ISDN cards are unsuitable; an external ISDN router with LANCAPI driver is then required.

CapiCall-Version: SoHo Pro S2M
Max. simultaneous callers 2 8 60
Max. Numbers 3 80 ~1.000
Max. registered users 100 40.000 40.000
Max. Controller up to 3 up to 8 2 S2M or 8 S0
Suitable ISDN card e.g. 1S0 4S0 S2M
Recording during mediation yes yes
API yes yes
Voicemail-Foren, 1to1-Chat yes yes
Raffle function yes yes
Prepaid yes yes
price including VAT: 99,00 € 230,00 € 800,00 €

Demo download

The CapiCall demo corresponds functionally to the Pro version and runs for two hours after each start; a restart deletes answering machine and voicemail messages. To continue working, it is then sufficient to simply restart the voice server programme. Only SMS sending is only possible via ISDN (not via a connected GSM modem or via HTTP) in the demo version.

Unpack the file CC32DEMO.ZIP (2.8 MB, German) with Winzip, Unzip or similar into an empty temporary directory, e.g. C:\Temp and start the SETUP programme. You need main user or administrator rights for installation. The temporary folder can be deleted later.

You will find all the necessary information in the manual (Start Menu – Programmes – CapiCall – Manual). Please be sure to read the chapter “Quick Start Guide” in the manual.

More tipps and details can be found here.

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