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Please understand that Shamrock does not offer phone support for freeware but e-mail questions will be answered typically within one working day. Shamrock Software GmbH - it is not allowed to offer download files of this page on other web sites but links are welcome. Please use the left/primary mouse button for downloads, do not use a download manager.

AppDogWatchdog program: AppDog

AppDog (200 K, freeware) is able to watch other applications running on the same PC (e.g. a voicemail, fax or e-mail server) and ensures that they are working properly - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non-responding applications are killed and restarted automatically. AppDog also includes a backup function to save files to a network path. Please unpack to any folder and read the HTML file AppDog$.htm.
Download the ZIP file or preview the manual.

ShamcomTerminal program: ShamCom

ShamCom (1 MB, freeware) is a terminal program for Telnet (TCP/IP), ISDN (CAPI 2.0) and modems (RS232). It implements scripts for automation, file transfers with Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and all common terminal emulations like TTY, VT52, VT100, ANSI. Unpack to a temporary folder and launch SETUP. ShamCom is often used for RS232 or modem tests and mailbox communication but also as a terminal for embedded systems.
Download the ZIP file or preview the manual.

NetMail: E-Mail via LAN, GSM, ISDN, Modem

Mail server and client: NetMail

NetMail is an email system for network workstations, consisting of a mail/SMS gateway and a Windows client. Alternatively conventional POP3/SMTP clients or a webmail interface can be used. The software can also be combined with CapiFax and CapiCall to form a Unified Messaging System (UMS).

In a local-area network, NetMail provides groupware functions like email, SMS, diary, pinboard and instant messaging. You can read and write your emails on any workstation using the NetMail client software for Windows, and emails can be stored and searched in shared and private archives for later access. While you are out and about, you still have access to the emails arriving at your office. Use your smartphone to read and write emails using POP3/SMTP or a web browser. Or use the mobile NetMail client to dial your server via ISDN or TCP/IP: With its compressed protocol, transfer volume is minimized.

More information and download

ChromeEditEdit HTML in Notepad: ChromeEdit

ChromeEdit allows to create a desktop shortcut which opens an editor like Notepad or Frontpage with a file:// URL currently displayed in the Google Chrome browser. We have created this utility because Chrome is lacking a menu item or shortcut to edit the HTML source code. Save ChromeEdit.exe to any existing folder but not on the Desktop.
Download the ZIP file (50 KB), read the file Readme.txt for a short how-to.

ISDN monitor: CapiDog

CapiDogCapiDog (260 K, freeware) displays the status of both ISDN channels in the taskbar and can even trace d-channel activities on the bus. Calls pop up a window showing the number. An AVM, Gerdes or Scitel ISDN adapter is required. Please unpack CDogEngl.ZIP into an empty folder and read CDogEngl.HTM. Crack, keygen? Not required, CapiDog is totally free.
Download ZIP or preview manual. Please do not install below C:\Program Files - see the manual for reasons.

SkyFileE-mail via satellite: SkyFile

SkyFile was developed by Shamrock for transferring e-mails over the Inmarsat, Iridium or Thuraya satellites, e.g. on ships. Automatic data compression and full-duplex transfer save 60 % of time and money for typical text files. If a connection breaks, SkyFile will continue within the last file to avoid transmitting it again from its very beginning.
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