Index CapiFax: Fax Server for Windows

Fax server

Server-based - Sends and receives faxes over a central fax server PC
Network clients - Allows private fax numbers for persons or divisions
Fax to e-mail - Forward received fax documents as TIF or PDF e-mails
Mail merge - Supports the mailing function of most Office programs
iFax support - sends faxes as e-mail attachment (T.37) or via fax gateway
Up to 60 channels - Two versions for up to 8 (Pro) or 60 (S2M) channels
LAN or terminal server - For normal workstations or terminal server clients
Check it out! - Demo version with full functionality: Download

Price excl. VAT: CapiFax-Pro (up to 8 channels) 193.97 , -S2M (up to 60 ch.) 672.41 [Order] - Shamrock Software, +49 8137 5882

Fax printer driver

Network fax software for Windows

CapiFax runs with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions, including Windows Server 2003 and 2008/R2. Suitable ISDN adapters, depending on the OS and the required channels, are e.g. AVM-Fritz PCI or -USB (2 channels), Primux 1/2/4 S0 (2 to 8 channels) or Primux S2M (30 channels, requires CapiFax S2M). Alternatively a fax-enabled ISDN router can be used, e.g. models from Lancom or Bintec.

Clients: Each person or division can have a private fax number (MSN/DDI). For transmitted fax documents a private outgoing number is possible. Automatic printing of received and/or transmitted faxes is supported. Besides normal network workstations, even terminal server clients can be used.

Fax to mail: Depending on the called number or the caller's number you can easily define if and to which address received faxes are forwarded by e-mail as PDF or TIF attachment, e.g. to Microsoft Exchange or any other SMTP server.

Fax polling: Offer multiple documents for fax polling, one per number (MSN/DDI). In addition it is also possible to deliver different documents depending on the CLIP number or fax ID of the caller, e.g. for offering regional information based on area codes or countries. Fax polling documents can quickly be created using the fax printer driver.

Best price-performance ratio

Try CapiFax!

Demo download

The CapiFax demo is equivalent to CapiFax Pro and can transmit or receive on up to 8 channels at one time. It runs for two hours after each program start, or for up to 20 sent or received faxes. After this, you simply have to restart the fax server program. The fax ID is always "Shamrock CapiFax" and cannot be changed in the demo version.

DownloadOn the fax server PC, please unpack the file CFAXDEMO.ZIP (2 MB) into an empty temporary folder like C:\Temp and then launch SETUP in it. Answer "Yes" if Windows asks if you want to install the software. The temporary folder can be deleted later.

The printer driver and client software is installed by launching SETUP from the CLIENTS subfolder below the CapiFax folder on the server (via the network neighbourhood on other workstations). The software can be switched between English and German at any time using Configuration/Language in the client menu.

Software and manual can be found in the Windows Start menu after installation. The required ISDN MSN as your local fax number is displayed at the bottom of the fax server window (Last call) after a test call.