Shamrock Software GmbH

is specialized in data, fax and voice communications over ISDN and TCP/IP. We develop standard and custom software for fax, voicemail and email.

Network fax server: CapiFax

CapiFax is a fax solution for networks: a central fax server handles sending and receiving. All computers in the network, workstations or terminal server clients can send faxes from any application via printer driver. Received faxes can be viewed with a convenient fax client or by mail. Multiple fax accounts with different phone numbers and identifiers are possible. also allows mailings, fax polling and fax to e-mail (TIF or PDF). Automatic archiving through PDF export to a digital document management system. 

For VoIP/SIP and ISDN. Fax server in two versions up to 8 or 60 channels, switchable German / English.

Voice mailbox: CapiCall

Answering machine and voice mailbox: inexpensive and powerful audio text solution. Day and time-dependent behavior with vacation and public holiday consideration with freely definable information menus (DTMF-controlled), call forwarding to any internal or external telephone numbers, call log, file-based interfaces for system integration.

Versions for up to 2, 8, 60 simultaneous calls. German/English user interface. For VoIP/SIP and ISDN.


Fax directly via VOIP without hardware: Programs like the fax server CapiFax and the voice system CapiCall use a communication interface called CAPI, as it was originally developed for ISDN cards. VoIP (Voice over IP) connections, on the other hand, use the SIP standard. This VOIP CAPI is used instead of an ISDN card and replaces it completely. Register your (fax) server directly via SIP with your PBX, router or even with the provider. Operate your fax server modern and uncomplicated directly via SIP. Best suited for use in virtual machines (VM).

PrimuX ISDN for S0 

Shamrock Software offers a range of German-made ISDN USB boxes and PCI or PCIe ISDN cards, for example for the above programs. If VOIP does not work or is not easy to realize because of firewall or network structure, connect your fax server directly via ISDN to your PBX or router.  Supplied with CAPI driver for 32 and 64 bit Windows versions. 

All our listed programs are compatible with all 32 and 64 bit Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022 and are continuously developed and maintained here at our company. For all purchased programs you have unlimited support directly from the manufacturer by phone or mail.

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