Shamrock SkyFile - E-mail via Satellite

High-performance, low-cost e-mail transfer for ships and land-mobile satellite users

SkyFile: E-mail via satelliteSkyFile is a Windows application developed by Shamrock Software for high-performance transfers of even large mails between mobile and fixed users over Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya using CSD (circuit-switched data, e.g. Inmarsat B or Mini-M) or TCP/IP connections (e.g. Inmarsat MPDS or BGAN). It is optimized for the special characteristics of satellite connections, such as propagation delay, speed and error rate. For instance, the software automatically adjusts its internal packet size to the satellite service used in order to achieve the highest possible throughput.

ZIP-equivalent data compression is done automatically, saving 60 % of time and money for typical text files. In addition, files are transferred full duplex, i.e. in both directions simultaneously. If a connection breaks, SkyFile will continue within the last file to avoid transmitting it again from its very beginning.

Regardless of the installed Windows locale, SkyFile can display different character sets, even mixed within one e-mail, e.g. Western European, Russian, Japanese or Chinese, using the UTF-8 encoding scheme. The mail editor has an integrated real-time spell checking with correction proposals for many languages. The SkyFile software can be switched between several languages at any time and is one of the most popular satellite e-mail programs for many years now.

Bridge of a modern shipSelf-defined sub accounts even allow to use multiple PCs in a local-area network so that crew members and passengers can have their personal e-mail addresses. Crew and passenger e-mail can optionally be paid using prepaid cards. It is even possible to create portable e-mail addresses which can move from one vessel to another (MyMail accounts). If circuit-switched and packet mode is possible, SkyFile can use its least-cost router (LCR) feature to minimize cost.

SkyFile offers an excellent protection against spam and virus mails. The maximum size of e-mails can be limited to avoid sending large files unintentionally. Macros like br = best regards ease the entry of frequently used phrases.Inmarsat

The only prerequisites for using SkyFile are a satellite transceiver registered at Astrium Services (Vizada until 10/2012) and a Windows PC. SkyFile users can exchange e-mail and SMS messages worldwide, and also send faxes. Please go to their web site to download SkyFile and to get your free username and password for the SkyFile satellite gateway.