SkyFile Mail

Typical Return Mails

SkyFile Mail and SkyFile-C are satellite-based e-mail services. Please understand that we are obliged to protect customers from high transfer costs and thus handle e-mails to their accounts more restrictively than typical terrestrial Internet providers. If an e-mail from you has been rejected, you will find possible reasons here.

Return mails after sending messages to SkyFile Mail users

Please read all return mails carefully. They come either from MAILER-DAEMON or POSTMASTER and always contain valuable information. Look for one of the following phrases, and do not simply resend your e-mail without having read the following. Your local mail server might add its own, sometimes even misleading interpretation, but only this is relevant:

What is Winmail.dat?

Winmail.dat is an attachment container encoded in the "Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format" (TNEF), a proprietary format sometimes used by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. It contains rich-text formatting (RTF) as well as the original attachment(s). Since it does not comply with Internet standards (RFC documents), other email programs often cannot decode it. Typically the usage of Winmail.dat is caused by a misconfiguration in Outlook and/or Exchange since it is not intended for external emails. A Microsoft web page explains how to correct this configuration.

Additional return mails after messages to SkyFile-C users

Return mails after changing the black&white list

Anti-virus and anti-spam policy

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