Zur Startseite Primux VoIP CAPI Driver

SIP driver for up to 2 or 4 simultaenous connections


This VoIP CAPI driver allows ISDN-CAPI based applications like CapiFax oder CapiCall to run with VoIP SIP accounts.

Supported operating systems
Windows: CAPI 2.0+NDIS for all 32 and 64 bit versions starting with XP (Workstation, Server)
Linux: for 32 and 64 bit kernel starting with 2.4.x

Supported SIP codecs
ITU G.711 (-Law and A-Law including T.30 fax applications, GSM, ITU G.723.1, ITU G.726, G.729.

Ordering variants
a) SIP2/4-USB: With USB dongle (SIP2-USB for up to 2 channels, SIP4-USB up to 4 channels)
b) SIP2/4-MAC: With license file for one MAC address (network adapter serial number), also supporting virtual servers: The MAC address is customer-specific, therefore the software is not a standard product, return or cancellation is not possible.

Scope of delivery
CD with drivers, manual, USB dongle (-USB) or license file (-MAC),

Price excl. VAT [Order]
SIP2-USB/MAC, 2 channels:  74.79
SIP4-USB/MAC, 4 channels: 260.50