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Voicemail Audiotext system - IVR = Interactive voice response system
Answering machine - depending on weekdays and time of day
Voice mailbox - including notification by SMS, e-mail or call
Call transfer - automatically or DTMF/touch-tone controlled
Voice to mail - Forward voice mails as WAV attachments
Display calls - numbers and names even on other LAN workstations
Save money - Use call-through when calling from your cellphone
Check it out! - Demo version with full functionality: Download

Menu treePrice excl. VAT: CapiCall-SoHo 83.19 ¤, -Pro 214.29 ¤, -S2M 739.50 ¤ [Order] - Shamrock Software, +49 8137 5882

CapiCall features

CapiCall runs with Windows (32 or 64 bit) and an ISDN adapter at a public switch or an ISDN PBX like Euracom, Agfeo, Alcatel, Auerswald, Elmeg, Eumex, Kapsch, Octopus, Quante, Siemens-Hicom/Hipath, Tenovis and many others, using a VoIP/SIP CAPI-Treiber like Primux-SIP also with a Voice-over-IP line.

Extending the plain IVR (interactive voice response) system to a unified messaging system is also possible by using NetMail and CapiFax. Complex speech menus are child's play with CapiCall: Beginning with an intro message, telephone keypad functions can be defined.

Test the excellent speech quality and download the free demo version!

Voice mailboxAnswering machine and voice mailbox
Mailbox for up to about 40,000 users, notifications about new voice messages by SMS or phone call, user-programmable wake-up calls e.g. for hotel guests. Messages can also be heard using the PC speakers or forwarded as an e-mail using the integrated SMTP client.
Vermitteln, WarteschleifeTransfer calls
CapiCall can transer calls automatically or DTMF-controlled to any local or external number, optionally depending on the weekday, holidays, time of day or caller number. If the destination cannot be reached (busy or nobody picks up the phone), other numbers can be tried in sequence automatically.
Aufnehmen und Mithören per SoundkarteInformation menus
Inbound and outbound messages e.g. for special events or sale offers. Record the files using a telephone or a PC. Callers or called persons can navigate freely in your menu using DTMF/touch-tone keys and inform themselves about products and services even outside your office hours.
Fax-Callback, Netzwerk-FaxFax callback
CapiCall can be combined with CapiFax. The caller can enter his own fax number and will receive further information as a fax page directly to his fax machine - just a few minutes later without any manual intervention on your side.
Callback, Vermitteln, LCRCall-through
If you have a home-zone tariff option for your cellphone, dial your CapiCall PC first and enter the destination as DTMF keystrokes. CapiCall will connect you within a few seconds and for a much better price.

Time profiles for maximum flexibility

MSN/DDI > Time profile > Call profile
One of your
time of day
  Accept call?
Record msg?
Info menu?

CapiCall allows to have different information messages and touch-tone menus for specific days and times, also depending on the dialled number.

A time profile is linked to each of your local ISDN numbers (MSN, DDI) specifying what messages shall be played and which DTMF menus are available for weekdays, holidays and times. In addition, you can change the time profile remotely by telephone at any time.

Versions and prices

CapiCall version: SoHo Pro S2M
Max. ISDN ports 1 S0 1-4 S0 1-2 S2M
ISDN card e.g. 1S0 4S0 S2M
Max. simul. calls 2 8 60
Max. local MSNs/DDIs) 3 40 ~1000
Max. registered users 100 40.000 40.000
Record transferred calls - yes yes
Application interface (API) - yes yes
Voice forums, 1to1-chat - yes yes
Lottery (random msgs) - yes yes
Prepaid function - yes yes
¤ (EUR) excl. VAT: 83.19 214.29 739.50

There are three CapiCall versions:

Small Office+Home version, supports two parallel voice calls and three local numbers (MSNs).

for professional users. The maximum count of MSNs/DDIs for CapiCall Pro takes into account that typical public ISDN lines allow 10 numbers max., but it can be much higher in a private branch exchange or a direct-dial in line (DDI).

Supports up to 60 parallel ISDN voice connections, e.g. using one or two S2M (T2) lines.

Please also have a look at the links to ISDN adapters suited for CapiCall. Of course other adapters can be used as well if their CAPI drivers support the operating system. When a virtualization software is installed, an internal ISDN adapter cannot be used; in this case an externa ISDN router with a LAN-CAPI driver is required.

Try CapiCall!Demo download

To install an English demo version of Shamrock's ISDN voice software CapiCall, you need to download two files - CapiCall (German) and the English language pack. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Download and extract CC32DEMO.ZIP (2.3 MB) into an empty, temporary folder on your hard disk like c:\temp (but not c:\shamrock\capicall). Use UnZip to extract the file if you do not have a ZIP extractor.
  2. Run the SETUP program in this folder to install CapiCall in a directory like c:\shamrock\capicall. (The German text messages of this program will be replaced by English messages in the next two steps.)
  3. After successfully installing the program, delete all files in the temporary folder.
  4. Download the English language pack CCE.ZIP (1 MB) and extract it into the same temporary folder as before, e.g. C:\temp (not into the folder where CapiCall is installed!).
  5. Run the INSTALL program in this folder and carefully read any messages. If you did not configure and use CapiCall before, the recommended answer is "Yes" when replacing files.
  6. Again, after successfully installing the English language pack, delete all files in the temporary folder. Links to the software and the manual can now be found in the Windows Start menu.

To preview the English manual without installing the software, click here. The manual is part of the English language pack. After buying and installing a full version of the software, simply apply steps 4 to 6.

The demo version will accept calls for two hours after each software restart and deletes voice mails when it is restarted, so it is not designed for a commercial operation but for tests only. The demo cannot be used as an update for the commercial version later.