Index NetMail: Mail Server and Client

NetMail: E-Mail via LAN, GSM, ISDN, ModemEmail in a LAN - Access your emails and dates from any PC in the network
Mobile mail
- Access your emails via POP3/SMTP or mobile NetMail client
Web interface - Read and send emails and SMS messages with a web browser
Server-based - All emails are stored on your server, allowing an easy backup
Spam filter
- Intelligent heuristic filters suppress spam mails, Trojans and viruses
SMS gateway - Allows email to SMS and also SMS to email
Popup window - displays new email, current dates and system messages
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NetMail features

NetMail is an email system for network workstations, consisting of a mail/SMS gateway and a Windows client. Alternatively conventional POP3/SMTP clients or a webmail interface can be used. The software can also be combined with CapiFax and CapiCall to form a Unified Messaging System (UMS).

LANIn your office
In a local-area network, NetMail provides groupware functions like email, SMS, diary, pinboard and instant messaging. You can read and write your emails on any workstation using the NetMail client software for Windows, and emails can be stored and searched in shared and private archives for later access.
GSM, SMSMobile email
Even while you are out and about, you still have access to the emails arriving at your office. Use your smartphone to read and write emails using POP3/SMTP or a web browser. Or use the mobile NetMail client to dial your server via ISDN or TCP/IP: With its compressed protocol, transfer volume is minimized.
Fax/Speech/MailUnified messaging
Together with the CapiFax and CapiCall software NetMail can form a complete Unified Messaging System (UMS) so that voice messages or faxes can be forwarded as emails, or to send emails to any fax number. Using a GSM modem with a serial port even mail to SMS and SMS to mail is possible.
SoftwareAll you need
Spell checker, private and shared mail archives, a keyword-driven personal autoresponder, MAPI support for third-party programs, automatically sending files at specified times and many other features are built into NetMail. Check out the free add-ons also, like an SMTP module for direct email reception.

The documentation is installed with the software but is also available online:
Gateway manual - Client manual

Compare for yourself!

Compared to conventional e-mail programs, NetMail offers a number of unique features.

Mobile/external NetMail client:

Features in a network:

NetMail components

NetMail consists of two main components - the client software which can be used in a LAN or also externally e.g. via GSM to read and write emails, and the gateway software running on a PC in your office. The LAN clients are not installed separately on each workstation but loaded over the network neighbourhood (autosync.exe) from the NetMail folder.

Internet-Anbindung mit POP3/SMTP
NetMail gateway PC   Clients
Mailer >
- Transfer --
Mobile clients
- - - - - - - - --
NetMail LAN
    - SMS   and POP3/
SMTP clients

The gateway software consists of four programs. The mailer typically fetches all emails from a catch-all POP3 account at your Internet provider and sends your emails using SMTP. The mail router places the fetched mails into personal mailboxes, using the To/Cc/Bcc header lines. The SMS module allows sending and receiving SMS messages. The transfer module is only required on the server if mobile NetMail clients are used.

The NetMail client software is launched from a shared network drive and thus do not need a separate installation on each workstation. You can also use POP3/SMTP-based programs like Outlook, Thunderbird or smart phones in parallel.

Download NetMail

NetMail client

The free NetMail Light is limited to 3 users and does not support a GSM modem for SMS.

You will need administrative privileges for installing NetMail. Unpack into an empty temporary folder like c:\Temp and launch SETUP. It installs NetMail into another folder like c:\Shamrock\NetMail. Please click on "Yes" if Windows asks if you really want to install it. The temporary folder can be deleted later.


Download - 8 MB, English/German. Some functions require that you have an own domain. Please also read the following paragraph "Installation in 10 minutes". If you use NetMail clients on LAN workstations, you do not need to install them separately. Simply launch autosync.exe from the server's NetMail folder via the network neighbourhood. For using SMTP/POP3 clients, enable the SMTP/POP3 ports in the server configuration.

HTTP interface
Webmail interface

Use SETUPM to install the mobile client on external PCs outside of your office LAN. - NetMail can be uninstalled using the Windows control panel (Software - NetMail).

Installation in 10 minutes

First of all, you should create a catch-all POP3 account at your Internet service provider. All other POP3 accounts must either be deleted or redirected to the catch-all account.

On the gateway PC, simply follow these steps:
- Unpack NetMail.ZIP into an empty temporary folder, e.g. c:\Windows\Temp (not applicable for CD).
- Launch the SETUP program, select English as language, and install NetMail e.g. to c:\Shamrock\NetMail.
- For LAN clients, the gateway's hard disk (typically C:) must be accessible as a network share (read+write).
- Launch the gateway configuration from the Windows start menu (Programs/NetMail).
- Enter your own main domain, e.g., and (if applicable) additional domains.
- Create at least one user in the configuration program (username = address part before @).
- Launch "Mailer" and "Mail router" using the windows start menu, they must run always!
- Open the Mailer configuration menu and enter the settings for RAS, POP3, and SMTP.
- If required at the server, you can start the NetMail client using the Windows start menu.
- Select "Own email address" in the client configuration menu to choose a username.
- For using a SMTP/POP3 client program, enable the SMTP+POP3 ports in the server configuration.

In the gateway PC, at least mailer.exe (Mailer) and gateway.exe (Mail router) must run all the time. System tray of gateway PC:
R=mail router (gateway.exe), M=mailer (mailer.exe)

For using the NetMail client on the other network workstations, please follow these steps:
- Create a desktop link to autosync.exe on the server, e.g. to \\server\c\shamrock\netmail\autosync.exe
- Click on this link to launch the NetMail client program.
- Select "Own email address" in the client configuration menu to choose a username.

Free add-ons

Some free add-on utilities are available for NetMail:

SMTP server for mail reception (ZIP 16 K, doc)
Terminal server support for popup program (ZIP 27 K, doc)
RSS feed reader with HTML output (ZIP 24 K, doc)
RS2File for sending RS232 data as email (ZIP 60 K, doc)