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E1/T2 ISDN card with 30/60 channels

Primux E1

Card type
Active primary-rate ISDN card with DSP for PCI or PCIe slot.

Windows: CAPI 2.0 + NDIS for all 32/64 bit bersions (XP and later, workstation and server). Linux: Driver for kernel 2.4.x and higher, 32/64 bit. 

ISDN port(s)
1 or 2 E1/T2/S2M primary rate ports with 30 bearer (B) channels each; DSS1 or QSIG, WD8-/RJ45 port (see below).

B-channel protocol
Transparent, X.75, HDLC, T.70 NL, V.110, Fax T.30.

Suppl. services
Call transfer, DTMF decoding with DSP, crossbar switching.

Price excl. VAT [Order]
PCI: 1S2M 1386.55 , 2S2M 2400.00
PCIe: 1S2ME 1425.21 , 2S2ME 2500.00

When ordering, please note the different form factors. PCI-E cards (also called PCIe or PCI Express) have a shorter slot than conventional PCI cards, as shown in the image above.

The card is ideally suited for the fax program CapiFax S2M and for the voice mailbox CapiCall S2M. A special crossbar logic significantly reduces echo effects in speech applications. The card can be combined with a 1/2/4 S0 card if required.

Primux RJ45 Wire S2M-RJ45
3 (green-white)
4 (blue)
5 (blue-white)
6 (green)

Pinout of the S2M cable
The S2M line of Telecoms do not always have the same pinout. Some have an RJ45 port, others are for direct wiring. The table on the right shows two common layouts. Note that this is typically not the same as for a standard S0/T0 port! The colours are the ones of the supplied Primux cable. When looking on the blank contacts of the RJ45 plug and the cable is at the bottom, Pin 1 is leftmost and Pin 8 is rightmost.